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We love pillows around here

We’re always finding an excuse to bring more home. We know it can be tough to find the perfect combination sometimes, so today we’re going to walk you through how to master throw pillows using our tips


Before We Start

Which size pillows go where?

Chair: Single lumbar, 20” pillow, or 22” pillow

Sofa: 20”-22” pillow in the back, layer in smaller pillows in front.



Step 1

Choose Your Colour Palette

The first step is to create a color palette. You can begin by referencing the colour of your furniture. Simple neutrals and materials like linen are great base pieces that allow you to add in bolder hues, textures and patterns ahead. Try not to use more than five colours.


Step 2

Start With The Right Size! (Reference Above)

This is super important, you don’t want the scale of the pillow to be too big or too small for your furniture. Start with your largest size in the back always, then layer in your other sizes according to colour, texture and pattern.


Step 3

Work With Your Patterns and Textures

We love mixing these elements so it elevates the combination of pillows and looks more cohesive. If you use all one colour, texture, or pattern it could look dull. You can match on both sides of your sofa or mix it all up with different prints and patterns for more visual interest!



Step 4

Keep Contrast in Mind

The goal is to mix each pillow so that there is balance and they compliment each other. You can do this by contrasting elements like colour, texture, pattern, and size so you don’t have all of the same thing.


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Step 5

Add a Throw!

We love adding in a throw at the end to pull it all together, and give that extra touch that may have been missing. Voila! Your sofa is now styled, now you have an excuse to bring that extra pillow you love home.



Style Guide: Styling Pillows in Your Living Room

June 18, 2021

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